Seoul Residential

In October and November 2011, Anaheim University's globally acclaimed TESOL faculty are being featured as Plenary and Featured Speakers at linguistics conferences around the world. On October 15th and 16th, AU TESOL Prof and Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Expert Dr. Ken Beatty was a Featured Speaker at KOTESOL in Seoul, South Korea. 2011 marked the 3rd year in a row for Anaheim University faculty to be plenary or featured speakers at KOTESOL.

From November 11-13, 2011 Anaheim University TESOL Chair Dr. Rod Ellis will be a Featured Speaker at the English Teachers Association - Republic of China (ETA-ROC) / PanAsia Conference (PAC) 2011 Conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

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TESOL Residential Faculty

Rod Ellis Dr. Rod Ellis, Chair of AU's Graduate School of Education, is a renowned linguist who received his Doctorate from the University of London and his Master of Education from the University of Bristol. A former professor at Temple University both in Japan and the US, Prof. Ellis has served as the Director of the Institute of Language Teaching and Learning at the University of Auckland and has taught in numerous positions in England, Japan, the US, Zambia and New Zealand. Dr. Ellis, who is known as an expert in Second Language Acquisition, is author of the Oxford University Press Duke of Edinburgh Award-Winning Classic "The Study of Second Language Acquisition", as well as numerous student and teacher-training textbooks for Prentice Hall and Oxford University Press, Prof. Ellis's textbooks on Second Language Acquisition and Grammar are core textbooks in TESOL and Linguistics programs around the world.

Ken BeattyDr. Ken Beatty taught the last 15 years at universities in the UAE, the People's Republic of China and Hong Kong. Dr. Beatty is the author/co-author of more than 100 textbooks for Pearson, Longman, Oxford University Press, Thomson, Heinle & Heinle and Hong Kong Educational Press include English as a Second Language textbooks and readers from the primary through university levels. Although most of these focus on various aspects of English as a Second Language, he also writes and reviews on the topic of CALL (Computer-Assisted Language Learning). He is involved in electronic media and was Academic Advisor to Hong Kong's Educational Television from 1998 to 2004. Dr. Beatty holds a PhD in Curriculum Studies from the University of Hong Kong.