TESOL Residential SessionTESOL Residential Session TESOL Residential SessionFrom Saturday April 9 to Tuesday April 12, 2011 Anaheim University, in collaboration with California State University Fullerton, held its annual 4-day Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) residential session in Southern California. Students and faculty from around the world gathered for 4-days on the campus of California State University Fullerton (CSUF) as they discussed topics related to current issues and research methods in TESOL. A TESOL Seminar open to the public entitled "TESOL - Art or Science?" was held on Sunday, April 10th. The April 2011 session was the second time for Anaheim University and CSUF to collaborate. Anaheim University's renowned linguistics professors were in attendance, including Dean of the Graduate School of Education Dr. David Nunan, TESOL Chair Dr. Rod Ellis, and TESOL Professor Dr. Kathleen Bailey.

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davidnunancsuf2011redshirtimg_0529s.jpgProfessor David Nunan who also serves as Vice-President for Academic Affairs at Anaheim University is a world-renowned linguist and best-selling author of English Language Teaching textbooks for Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and Cengage Learning. His ELT textbook series "Go For It" is the largest selling textbook series in the world with total sales exceeding 2.2 billion. In 2000, David Nunan served as President of TESOL, the world's largest language teaching association, and was the first person to serve as President from outside North America. David Nunan has been involved in the teaching of graduate programs for such prestigious institutions as Columbia University, the University of Hawaii, Monterey Institute for International Studies, University of Hong Kong, and many more. In 2002 Dr. Nunan received a congressional citation from the United States House of Representatives for his services to English language education through his pioneering work in online education at Anaheim University. In 2003 he was ranked the 7th most influential Australian in Asia by Business Review Weekly, and in 2005 he was named one of the top "50 Australians who Matter". David Nunan was invited by the Australian Prime Minister to attend a summit in Sydney Australia in December 1996 as one of the Leading 100 Global Australians.


rodelliscsuf_img_0295s.jpgProfessor Rod Ellis, who is the TESOL Chair of AU's Graduate School of Education, is a renowned linguist who received his Doctorate from the University of London and his Master of Education from the University of Bristol. A former professor at Temple University both in Japan and the US, Prof. Ellis has served as the Director of the Institute of Language Teaching and Learning at the University of Auckland and has taught in numerous positions in England, Japan, the US, Zambia and New Zealand. Dr. Ellis, who is known as an expert in Second Language Acquisition, is author of the Oxford University Press Duke of Edinburgh Award-Winning Classic "The Study of Second Language Acquisition", as well as numerous student and teacher-training textbooks for Prentice Hall and Oxford University Press. Prof. Ellis's textbooks on Second Language Acquisition and Grammar are core textbooks in TESOL and Linguistics programs around the world.


kathibaileycsuf_redshirt_img_0295s.jpgProfessor Kathleen Bailey is President of The International Research Foundation for English Language Education and was President of the international TESOL organization in 1998 and served as a member of the worldwide USIA English Teaching Advisory Panel from 1992-95. She was a member of the editorial board of TESOL Quarterly and Prospect, the Australian journal of applied linguistics. A renowned linguist and author for such publishers as Cambridge University Press, her articles have appeared in TESOL Quarterly, TESOL Newsletter, Language Learning, and various anthologies. Dr. Bailey was the recipient of the 1985 Allen Griffin Award for Outstanding Higher Education Teacher of the Monterey Peninsula and the 2007 Alatis Award, the most prestigious Award offered by TESOL.