billhartleyBy virtue of successfully completing your studies at Anaheim University you have become a member of a distinguished and growing group of individuals whose continued contributions and support of the University are critical to our success.

The University is supported by three separate, but equally important, pillars. The first pillar is our highly motivated and very able students who represent our reason for being. The second pillar is our faculty and administration who constantly strive to make Anaheim University the finest of its kind in the world. The third pillar is you, our alumni whose continued contributions and support of the University are critical to the University's continued success.

Our Alumni Association and the members of our alumni are referred to as "Ambassadors". As distinguished graduates of Anaheim University, you are all Ambassadors. An "Ambassador" is defined as "a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity".

We hope that you will prove to be a proud Ambassador in all senses of the word. The world's perception of Anaheim University Ambassadors will be based on your success in the workplace that can be attributed to your enhanced skills and knowledge gained from your educational experience at Anaheim University. We hope that your success will inspire others to enjoy similar success by gaining the Anaheim University Advantage (the knowledge of AU's outstanding faculty, AU's global networking opportunities and the ability to work full time and study online). We strive to make your educational experience one that you will actively promote as a proud representative of an experience that has enhanced your life, and as an Anaheim Ambassador, we hope that you will expand your global network of successful alumni by promoting your Anaheim University educational experience to other success-oriented individuals.

We plan to keep you deeply involved in the affairs of the University by seeking your counsel in University matters of mutual importance and by offering a variety of life long services to you. We are pleased and honored to have you as a member of Anaheim University's Ambassador Alumni Association.

William B. Hartley, Ph.D.
President Emeritus
Anaheim University


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