The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communications Completion Program with a concentration in Film and Entertainment allows working professionals to obtain a BA degree, no matter where they reside. Anaheim University’s cutting-edge online infrastructure provides an interactive and intercultural learning environment matched by no other. During each course, students interact with one another and their professor through the Online Discussion Forum, sharing and debating responses to questions about that week’s readings and projects. Students also achieve academic and practical skills by submitting assignments based on the weekly topics.


  • Interact with your professor and fellow classmates around the world
  • Meet industry professionals online
  • Learn from professors based in Hollywood and other leading entertainment markets without having to relocate during your period of study
  • Add to your Associate's or 2-year college degree and earn your Bachelor of Arts degree online in 1 to 2 years. 



  • 20 x 9 week Online Courses 
  • New terms begin every 10 weeks
  • Complete 2 courses per term
  • 1 Course = 3 Credit Points
  • Transfer 60 to 90 credits from another institution
  • Complete a minimum of 30 credits at Anaheim University
  • BA in Communications Completion Program = 120 Credit Points
  • Total duration = 1 to 2 years


Method of Instruction

Online Learning

  • reading of textbooks
  • analysis of films
  • submission of written and video assignments
  • discussion forums with professor and students

Course Duration

Each course is nine weeks long. Students take two courses at a time, and courses begin every ten weeks.

Degree Program Duration

The BA in Communications Completion Program with a concentration in Film and Entertainment takes approximately two years to complete, but students who receive the full 90 possible transfer credits may complete the BA degree in less than one year. The maximum time allotted to complete the program is five years from the date of matriculation. Students may be granted an extension to their program at the discretion of the Program Director.


Program Study Suggestions

Students are responsible for the information contained in the course syllabi and course grading rubrics. Each course is worth 3 units, or 135 hours of study (approximately 15 hours a week). To help you allocate your time, each course guide contains a weekly program break-down. The course guides are meant as a suggestion only, but one that students are advised to adhere to as closely as possible to keep up with the demanding schedule of the courses. Below is a sample of program study suggestions:

  • Complete the required readings, webinars, podcasts and/or film viewings and take notes (4 hours)
  • Discuss the weekly assigned topic with other students via online Discussion Forum and respond to questions/ tasks (3 hours)
  • On-going work on required Critical Responses (2 hours)
  • Journal entries throughout the week (2 hours)
  • On-going work on final culminating project (4 hours, depending on production stage)
  • Total: 15 hours average per week


Program Features


Students study in a highly collaborative online program, interacting daily on the Online Discussion Forum to discuss topics with their fellow students.

Networking Opportunities

Students from around the world interact with each other and their professors through the online Forum.

Experienced Faculty

Students have the opportunity to learn from highly qualified professors who have extensive experience in various fields of film.

Culturally Diverse Program

AU students have the opportunity to come into contact with individuals from different cultures around the world, providing a rich and diverse environment in which to study.

Achieve Success

Anaheim University faculty and staff are committed to helping every student succeed. Students benefit from small class sizes and direct access to professors.

Online Resources

Students have access to digital resources including journals, articles, video interviews, lectures and seminars.

For Working Professionals

The online system allows working professionals to obtain a BA degree without having to put their lives on hold to advance their careers.