Anaheim University's Online Graduate Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) allows you to complete 2 of AU's MA in TESOL courses and earn a Graduate Certificate in TESOL

Select 6 courses from the following 8 (each course 4 units):

EDU 500 Second Language Teaching and Learning 4 units
EDU 570 Classroom-Based Evaluation 4 units
  Total number of required units for 2-course Graduate Certificate in TESOL 8 units

Course Descriptions

IMG 0159AU David Nunan TESOL Institute Director & Senior TESOL Professor Dr. David NunanEDU 500 Second Language Teaching and Learning

Over the last twenty-five years, there have been major changes to the theory and practice of second language teaching and learning. These changes have been driven by changes in educational theory, changes in the way we think about language and learning, and the development of an active research agenda which has provided important insights and ideas for classroom practitioners.

The purpose of this introductory course is to provide an overview of the field of second language teaching and learning, to identify major trends and issues, and to show where they have come from, to illustrate, in practical ways, how these emerging ideas can be incorporated into the students’ own teaching practice, and to provide students with the basic skills and knowledge that will enable them to benefit fully from the rest of the course.



EDU 570 Classroom-Based Evaluation

The aim of this course is to introduce students to classroom-based evaluation. This is a critically important area for all those involved in curriculum development, program management, and, in fact, any area of educational leadership. The overall goal of the courses is to give students the skills in the design and evaluation of a program of the student’s choice.