Ayako Kurokawa (Wakao), Honorary Chair

Ayako Kurokawa, widow of Kisho Kurokawa, is the Honorary Chair of the Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute. Born in Tokyo, actress Ayako Kurokawa, whose stage name is Ayako Wakao, entered the film industry in 1951 and has made over 250 movies throughout her distinguished career in film, television and on stage. One of the most renowned actresses in Japan, Ayako Wakao married Kisho Kurokawa in 1983 and endorsed Dr. Kurokawa's candidacy in Japan's Upper House Election in 2007. On January 31st, 2008 Ayako Kurokawa attended the Anaheim University ceremony on behalf of her late husband to launch the Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute.

Hideo Morita, Honorary Vice-Chairman

Hideo Morita, is the eldest son of the late Sony Founder Akio Morita. Hideo is the owner of numerous corporations including Morita Trustee, Inc. where he serves as the 16th head of the family business founded by his ancestors in 1665. Morita Corporation is a traditional Japanese food and beverage manufacturer, including some of the highest-profile brand names for sake [Japanese rice wine], soy sauce, and Miso. Morita Corp. was established in 1665 as a sake brewing business by the Morita family, and manufactures and sells "Nenohi" brand sake and "Morita" brand sauces and food additives. In addition, the company is engaged in a wide variety of businesses including manufacture, wholesale and retail and food service through its affiliate companies. Hideo Morita, is a bicultural philanthropist, growing up in the U.S. and Japan and attended the University of California Davis for a short period of time where he learned the value of an American education. The Morita family’s involvement in Anaheim University has resulted in the naming of the Anaheim University Akio Morita School of Business, and in his role as Honorary Vice-Chairman of the Anaheim University Kisho Kurokawa Green Institute.