Tribute to Actress Carrie Hamilton (1963-2002) Actress Carrie Hamilton starred in the television show "Fame", the Broadway play "Rent", and the major motion picture "Tokyo Pop". Carrie's talents were not limited to acting. Her powerful voice and experience as a singer opened up numerous acting opportunities including her leading role in Tokyo Pop. The daughter of comedy legend Carol Burnett and producer Joe Hamilton, and an established actress and singer in her own right, Carrie Hamilton also gained recognition as a screenplay writer, director and playwright.

Born on December 5th, 1963 in New York City, Ms. Hamilton was a student of music and acting at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California before becoming an entertainer and filmmaker. Known for her optimism, Carrie embraced and loved the field of entertainment so much that she ran acting and creativity workshops for friends in her own home. Hollywood watched Carrie as one of the up and coming stars of her time, with many entertainment experts predicting that she was on her way to becoming one of the next big names on screen and television. In 2001, Hamilton shined as a filmmaker when she won the "Women in Film" Award at the Latino Film Festival, and in 2002 Carrie collaborated with her legendary mother on the play "Hollywood Arms", a stage version of Carol Burnett's best-selling memoir "One More Time". The production sadly premiered shortly after Carrie's life was cut short by cancer at the age of 38.