Master of Entrepreneurship Overview

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  • Learn about entrepreneurial innovation, marketing, management, accounting, forecasting, planning, intellectual property, finance, strategy, leadership, creation, and growth.
  • Study with your professor and classmates through both live face-to-face HD webcam classes and daily online discussions in your free time.
  • Each term is 6 weeks in length, and you may enroll in new courses every 6 weeks.
  • Complete all 12 courses and earn your Master of Entrepreneurship degree in approximately 18 months.


How the Master of Entrepreneurship Program Works:

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  • During each 6-week term you will be evaluated on your participation in the daily online discussion forum, two live 90 minute HD webcam classes, individual written assignments, an Internet Research Assignment, weekly group assignments, and a team project
    • Through the Online Discussion Forum, discuss questions regarding your readings with your professor and fellow students around the world
    • At the end of the 1st and 4th weeks, join the two live 90-minute HD webcam classes
    • Develop valuable teamwork skills through a collaborative team project
  • What you learn today can be used in your entrepreneurial venture tomorrow
  • At the end of each course, students write a Career Integration reflection on that particular course subject, and these reflections together comprise the Career Integration Capstone and create the foundation for a final Career Integration interview with the Dean.

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  • Work Full-Time and Study Online: Complete your Master of Entrepreneurship online while working full-time.
  • Flexible Program: Enroll in individual courses or the entire 12-course MBA degree program.
  • Location: Study online at an American university without traveling, regardless of your country of residence.
  • Interactive: Attend real-time online HD webcam classes with professors and other students; collaborate on team projects and network with students residing around the world in a rich and culturally diverse study environment.
  • Convenient: Participate in interactive class discussions and work on assignments at your own schedule from your own home or office.
  • Renowned Faculty: Learn from many highly-experienced figures in the field of entrepreneurship. All AU professors hold doctoral degrees and bring extensive teaching experience from major U.S. universities to the classroom.
  • Achieve Success: Anaheim University faculty and staff are committed to helping every student succeed. Students benefit from AU's innovative and effective Master of Entrepreneurship program, small class sizes and direct access to professors.
  • Affordable Pay-As-You-Learn System: Tuition is at a fraction of the cost of other leading master programs. Pay for only one course at a time, or receive a 10% discount on tuition by paying 100% of your tuition fees at the time you enroll.